Regenerative Ranching

Carbon negative farming. This is what I like to call “real organic”, or to others, the way food is supposed to be.

So I found this online shop – Carter Country Meats ( – and have ordered the 10 pound box of meat from here. It comes in “recycled, insulated cardboard packaging”. When it arrives, I will review the meat in another post. For now, let us consider our options, all include 2-Day Air free shipping.

5 Pound Box – $110 => $22 per pound

10 Pound Box – $190 => $19 per pound

20 Pound Box – $330 => $16.5 per pound

Since my freezer is practically full… I will opt for the 10 pound option. I will post a follow up when it arrives here.

See the box here:

Worried about the environment? Their boxes come in completely compostable packaging – that green stuff – called ‘Green Cell Foam’ is used instead of Styrofoam, and is fully biodegrades – as per the packaging – I have not tried composting this myself.

Anyway, check out their site and learn about the difference between conventional beef and real beef:

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