People I Follow

There are many resources on the internet and the following are people, some doctors, some researchers that I follow and like to listen to what they post, the books that they publish, and interviews that they give on YouTube.

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Dr. Sean O’Mara

Recently found him, he stresses the important of losing visceral fat and how doing sprints is the best way to do so. He also advises his patients to get an MRI of their visceral fat and says that is the best motivation for someone to stick to a plan


Dr. Ken Berry, MD

I like his YouTube channel ( the most and his Southern Accent.

Dr. Anthony Chaffee MD

I recently found this guy and I heard him say

“The last 5% of going carnivore gives you 95% of the benefits”

or something like that, but he was saying that in reference to people who just add more meat to their diet and then complain that they aren’t seeing any benefits, or to people who go carnivore but still use sweeteners like monk fruit or artificial sweeteners. So basically go 100% beef, salt and water, and you will see amazing results.

Mikhaila Peterson

Mikhaila is a pretty interesting person as she convinced her father to try the Carnivore Diet. She also claims to have healed all of her childhood arthritic conditions by following this diet.

Shawn Baker MD

I decided to try the carnivore diet after I heard Dr. Shawn Baker speak on the Joe Rogan podcast. He used to be a surgeon with the military and would perform knee replacement surgery on people. He does regular bloodwork on himself and is pretty transparent with the results.

Brian Sanders

He calls it the SAPIEN Diet. If you check out his instagram you will find some videos of him living with the Masai people of Africa.

Food Lies

A documentary that is still in the making by Brian Sanders

Chris Kresser

He was on the Joe Rogan podcast to debunk the Game Changers documentary, and then Joe Rogan invited him back to debate the producer James Wilks. This interview is great because you get to see two people very knowledgeable on both sides respond to common questions many people may have.

Paul Saladino, MD

Also know as “Carnivore MD”, he spends a lot of time in Costa Rica and advocates for the eating of meat, honey and some specially selected fruits. What I like most about Paul is that he has no issue with changing his diet whenever new information comes along. And technically he is not following a “pure” carnivore diet – he is more keto because of the honey and fruit.

If you are looking for his Joe Rogan podcast interview, search for episode #1551 or just click on this link: