Meat Ordering Guide

TL;DR; Order from these places…

Want to eat meat that is healthy for you while saving the Earth?

All meat sold by the sites belows are raised by using “Regenerative Ranching” which is carbon negative. Yes, you read that correctly, carbon negative. That means for each kilogram (or 2.2 lbs) of meat that you order/eat, 3.5 kilograms (or 7.7 lbs) of carbon is sequestered into the farm’s soil.

Still don’t think that you can eat meat *and* save the earth at the same time? Well… see for yourself:

Force of Nature Meats

Bison and Beef. Bison ribs, bison tenderloin and chicken only if you live in Texas. This is the smallest regenerative ranch that I have found that delivers using 100% compostable packaging.

North Star Bison

A bit more expensive than Force of Nature Meats, but the variety on this site is amazing. Meats are frequently sold out, so come here often. Try the Elk, Bison, Beef, and especially the organ meats. I love organ meats, especially liver. Like Force of Nature Meats, this farm/farms also use Regenerative Ranching practices and ship using fully compostable packaging.

Joyce Farms

More exotic birds, more organ meats. This is the last place I ordered meat from. A whole white pheasant, a whole rooster. The Rooster had thick skin – reminding me of duck and the meat was dark and and very thick. Next time I’m gonna make a really thick broth. Ordering was worth it. Check them out.

Carter Country Meats

Uses Green Cell Foam instead of styrofoam. They put just the right amount of dry-ice in my meat box. Check them out.

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And Fish is allowed under the Carnivore Diet