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“It’s what else you EAT, not the Meat!”

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Joyce Farms

Joyce Farms –

Located in Winston-Salem, North Caroline.

Uses Regenerative Agriculture.

I ordered a whole Rooster for $29.99, some beef bones, a whole Pheasant, a whole beef tongue, and a beef top-round.

The Rooster had thick skin, thick bones and the meat was darker than the chicken I am used to. It also tasted much better.

Here are some pictures:

Joyce Farm Box Arrives
Did not use GreenCell technology – but this was during the start of the lockdown and they were overloaded with orders.
Frozen Beef Tongue
Thawed out Beef Tongue
I made a mistake by chopping it up like this. It was real hard to eat and cook because the tongue skin is so thick. Next time I’ll just boil it like everybody else does!
Rooster wing or Pheasant wing, I forget

Regardless, I recommend this place!