Valley Farmers Cooperative & Farm Store

Here is a nice road trip for you – if you live in New York City. Drive to the Valley Farmers Cooperate & Farm Store, buy some nice meat, stick it in a cooler in your car and then head to the Warwick Valley Winery & Distillery which is only a 10 minute drive, taste some wine, do some apple picking and then head home.

Here is a link to the Farm Store (where you get the meat):

And where you get Wine, Cider, and Spirits:

And took a look at the satellite view of the farm –

In contrast, take a look at this CAFO – so much green grass – because the cows aren’t allowed to graze on them! (And guess what that does to the cows? It makes them sick. And guess what happens when you eat sick animals? You… become fat and sick)

Those little houses you see are the mini cages that they put Veal in. #PETA Where are you! I strongly agree with PETA that we should not abuse animals… because what we do to them is done to us… call it Karma or whatever you like, but this is what I believe.

Anyway, the meat I got from the Hudson Valley Cooperate & Farm Store was great!

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