Up Next: White Oak Pastures

On their website they say “come visit us”. Too bad they are down South all the way in Georgia. That is, a 16 hour drive or 1,047 miles from New York City!

They do however have an online shop. My hopes for this farm are high because they are the subject of the a study by Quantis that shows that purchasing meat from them is a carbon negative event. Yes that’s right, buying a pound of beef from White Oak Pastures results in carbon being sequestered in to the soil. That is better than any monocultured vegetable and much better than all conventionally farmed meat – including so called ‘organic’ meat. (Organic simply means that they fed the cows organic feed, whether that feed is corn or grass, which by the way cows are not supposed to eat corn or other grains…)

Anyway, see for yourself:

For completeness, here is a link to White Oak Pastures, in Bluffton, Georgia:

Cuts of note:

  • Grassfed Beef 1/8 Cow
    • 35 pounds of various cuts
    • $475
  • Tomahawk Steak
    • 32 oz
    • $35.99

As for shipping? They advertise orders over $100.00 are only $9.95 for shipping and you can upgrade to a compostable cooler for 10% of the cost of your order, so for the 1/8 cow that would be $47.50. Add $9.95 and you get $532.45. So 532.45 divied by 35 pounds comes to $15.21 per pound of beef. But this is truly grass-fed beef, the real ‘organic’ that your friends can have nothing to say about… Not Whole Foods animal Welfare Rating 4, not 5, not even 5+. This is infinity. This is beef raised the way that the Sioux hunted from Dances with Wolves…

Anyway, I will order something soon and will do a cost analysis by cut of beef compared to a conventional supermarket in New York City, and a Whole Foods in New York City.


Another Animal Welfare Rating System

See the Animal Welfare Institute guide to “Food Labels and Animal Welfare”,outdoors%2C%20on%20pasture%20or%20range.

And the “Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW” – the AGW stands for “A Greener World”:

And finally, a farm that is Animal Welfare Approved and is located in upstate New York close to Lake George that I visited recently: